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Visit St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Marcos, Ilocos Norte.

The CHRONOS: Monthly Diocesan Schedule for FEBRUARY 2009

July 26: Laoag's foundation anniversary and St. Anne Parish fiesta

Today, the Diocese of Laoag celebrates her 48th birthday. Today, too, is the launching of activities in commemoration of the diocese's golden anniversary in 2011.

Let us pray for our diocese. Let us pray for the increase of faith and the deepening of love and commitment to God and the Church.

Happy fiesta to the Piddiguenos!

Click here to read CBCP news on the launching.

July 25: Fiesta greetings!

Today is the feast of St. James the Greater.

Happy fiesta to our brothers and sisters in Solsona and Pasuquin!

Cadaratan Church: A Miracle in Progress

Cadaratan Church: A Miracle in Progress

The Dream Church of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Cadaratan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

The Dream Church of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Cadaratan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Foundation for the church-construction project in Cadaratan, Bacarra put up!

The construction of the OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH CHURCH started anew, September 8, the birthday of Mama Mary. Very crucial in this project is the financial consideration being tacked by the whole parish community. To address this concern, we, the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, together with our newly-appointed parish priest, Rev. Leonardo L. Ruiz, planned to put up a FOUNDATION for the continuation and completion of the construction of the parish church.

The Foundation is chaired by our beloved Bishop, Most Rev. Sergio L. Utleg, D.D. and the members of the Board include Victor R. Bolosan, M.D., Rosalina R. Javier, Flordelina T. Cadelina, Eugenia M. Mendoza, Emilia B. Agonoy and Dante Subia, all from Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

Registration of the Foundation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is under way.

Architects and Engineer: Arch. Coleen Cajigal and Arch. Joemar Bolosan, Engr. Eduardo Cid.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED. For those who wish to send their donations directly through the bank, this is our bank: PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK, Batac Branch, Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. DOLLAR ACCOUNT NUMBER: 158881300038; Account Name, Most Rev. Sergio L. Utleg, D.D., Victor R. Bolosan, M.D. and Flordelina T. Cadelina. PESO CHECKING ACCOUNT: 158881300020, with the same above-mentioned account name.

The Happy Priests

The Happy Priests
The clergy during their annual retreat with Bp. Mylo Vergara of the Diocese of San Jose, Nueva Ecija as retreat master at Betania Retreat House in Baguio City, November 10-13




For financial assistance or donations in-kind, please contact the Bishop or the Curia at (077)770-5210, or Fr. Lorenzo Torreflores (Baresbes, Dingras) at 0917-5701085, Fr. Danny Devaras (Carasi) at 0920-5537806, Fr. Lester Menor (Davila, Pasuquin) at 0915-7879701, Fr. Leo Ruiz (Cadaratan, Bacarra) at (077)670-3801, and Fr. Anthony Dimagiba (Sta. Rosa, Sarrat) at (077)782-2031, Fr. Antonio Calautit, SVD (Pancian, Pagudpud) at 0918-5228902.

Listen to DZEA-CMN Radio Totoo, 909 khz!

Pray for your priests. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs.

Pray for your priests. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs.
The clergy of Laoag with the lone cardinal of Thailand and the bishop of Changmai

Diocesan Profile: Pastoral Section: Religious Organizations and Movements

a. Catholic Women’s League
i. Adviser: Rev. Emy John A. Domingo
ii. President: Mrs. Aida Gabriel

b. Legion of Mary
i. Adviser: Rev. Melchor B. Palomares
ii. President: Miss Vicenta M. dela Cruz

c. Children of Mary
i. Adviser:
ii. President: Mr. Joel D. Garcia

d. Our Lady of Fatima Family Rosary Crusade
i. Adviser:
ii. President: Mrs. Mara Luisa Domingo

e. Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites
i. Adviser: Rev. Franklin D. Gorospe
ii. President: Sis. Rebecca C. Cabanos

f. Confraternity of Our Mother of Perpetual Help
i. Adviser: Rev. Carlito A. Ranjo, Jr.
ii. President: Mrs. Gorgonia Tamayo

g. Apostleship of Prayer
i. Adviser: Rev. Lorenzo G. Torreflores
ii. President: Mrs. Jane Siazon

h. Mother Butler Missions Guild
i. Adviser: Rev. Primo C. Cabanos, Jr.
ii. President: Sally Rose M. Aoigan

i. Knights of Columbus
i. Adviser: Rev. Mario R. Garaza
ii. President: Mr. Gerardo Coloma

j. Daughters of Mary Immaculate
i. Adviser: Rev. Engelbert B. Elarmo
ii. President: Mrs. Lilia Aguada

k. Diocesan PREX
i. Adviser: Rev. Hermogenes G. Saturnino, Jr.
ii. President: Kuya Winnie and Ate Bing Velasco

l. Love Your Priests Movement
i. Adviser:
ii. President: Ms. Lilian Abijero

m. Holy Trinity Adorers Movement
i. Adviser:
ii. President: Dr. Cleotilde Guillermo

n. Neo-Catechumenate
i. Adviser: Rev. Leobardo Juan B. Lorenzo
ii. President: Bro. Marlyn Ramos
Bro. Pepito Alvarez

o. Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movements
1. El Shaddai DWXI PPFII
Adviser: Rev. Richard B. Antonio
Disciple-Assigned, PFCCI Head:
Bro. Resty Alberto

2. Couples for Christ
Adviser: Rev. Tranquilino T. Santos, Jr.
Head Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Crescencio Ramos

3. Bukas Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community
Adviser: Rev. Ronald I. Bonayon
Head Couple: Delfin and Chit Rabanes

4. Spirit of Love Catholic Community
Head: Mrs. Evelyn Gallardo
Mrs. Erika Palanca

5. Family Life Apostolate (FAMILIA)
Adviser: Rev. Tranquilino T. Santos, Jr.
Coordinator: Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Valdez

6. Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals
Adviser: Rev. Pedro A. Acoba
President: Mr. Bernie Duldulao

7. ELIM Community
Adviser: Rev. Ronald I. Bonayon

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