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The CHRONOS: Monthly Diocesan Schedule for FEBRUARY 2009

July 26: Laoag's foundation anniversary and St. Anne Parish fiesta

Today, the Diocese of Laoag celebrates her 48th birthday. Today, too, is the launching of activities in commemoration of the diocese's golden anniversary in 2011.

Let us pray for our diocese. Let us pray for the increase of faith and the deepening of love and commitment to God and the Church.

Happy fiesta to the Piddiguenos!

Click here to read CBCP news on the launching.

July 25: Fiesta greetings!

Today is the feast of St. James the Greater.

Happy fiesta to our brothers and sisters in Solsona and Pasuquin!

Cadaratan Church: A Miracle in Progress

Cadaratan Church: A Miracle in Progress

The Dream Church of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Cadaratan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

The Dream Church of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Cadaratan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Foundation for the church-construction project in Cadaratan, Bacarra put up!

The construction of the OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH CHURCH started anew, September 8, the birthday of Mama Mary. Very crucial in this project is the financial consideration being tacked by the whole parish community. To address this concern, we, the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, together with our newly-appointed parish priest, Rev. Leonardo L. Ruiz, planned to put up a FOUNDATION for the continuation and completion of the construction of the parish church.

The Foundation is chaired by our beloved Bishop, Most Rev. Sergio L. Utleg, D.D. and the members of the Board include Victor R. Bolosan, M.D., Rosalina R. Javier, Flordelina T. Cadelina, Eugenia M. Mendoza, Emilia B. Agonoy and Dante Subia, all from Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

Registration of the Foundation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is under way.

Architects and Engineer: Arch. Coleen Cajigal and Arch. Joemar Bolosan, Engr. Eduardo Cid.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED. For those who wish to send their donations directly through the bank, this is our bank: PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK, Batac Branch, Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. DOLLAR ACCOUNT NUMBER: 158881300038; Account Name, Most Rev. Sergio L. Utleg, D.D., Victor R. Bolosan, M.D. and Flordelina T. Cadelina. PESO CHECKING ACCOUNT: 158881300020, with the same above-mentioned account name.

The Happy Priests

The Happy Priests
The clergy during their annual retreat with Bp. Mylo Vergara of the Diocese of San Jose, Nueva Ecija as retreat master at Betania Retreat House in Baguio City, November 10-13




For financial assistance or donations in-kind, please contact the Bishop or the Curia at (077)770-5210, or Fr. Lorenzo Torreflores (Baresbes, Dingras) at 0917-5701085, Fr. Danny Devaras (Carasi) at 0920-5537806, Fr. Lester Menor (Davila, Pasuquin) at 0915-7879701, Fr. Leo Ruiz (Cadaratan, Bacarra) at (077)670-3801, and Fr. Anthony Dimagiba (Sta. Rosa, Sarrat) at (077)782-2031, Fr. Antonio Calautit, SVD (Pancian, Pagudpud) at 0918-5228902.

Listen to DZEA-CMN Radio Totoo, 909 khz!

Pray for your priests. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs.

Pray for your priests. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs.
The clergy of Laoag with the lone cardinal of Thailand and the bishop of Changmai

Ti Krus ken ti Panagsagaba ti Tao

Ti balitok masapul a lumabas iti ingget pudot nga apoy tapno maikkat dagiti rugitna ket rumuar tay husto a sileng ken silapna. Ti bukel saan nga agrusing no saan a maitukit iti daga. Masursuro laeng ti maysa a maladaga ti magna kalpasan ti adu a daras a pannakatumbana. Ti maysa nga atleta dinto agballigi no saanna a kanayonen ti ehersisyona wenno ensayona. Ti kinasanto saan a magun-od iti apagdarikmat. Adu ti masapul nga isukom wenno tallikudam a naipakadawyan kenka. Ti kinasanto kaipapananna ti panangparparitmo ta bagim. “Ti agtarigagay a sumurot kaniak, masapul a tallikudanna ti bagina, ibaklayna ti krusna ket surotennak.”

Ngem no adda man maysa a banag nga ad-adaywan ti tao, isu ti panagrigat/panagsagaba/panagtuok/panagparikut. Kayattay amin ti nanam-ay a panagbiag, e.g. instant mami, instant coffee, remote control, cellphones, pasa-load. Para iti lubong, awan ti imbag ken pateg nga ited ti panagrigat. Tapno saan a masayang ti biagmo, masapul a mapadasam amin a pagragsakan. Out of place ti rigat. No adda mangkontra ti pagragsakam, kill joy. Bagtit ngarud ti tao nga okey lang no aglasat ti adu a rigat. Maag ngarud ti tao nga agtarigagay a sumurot ken Jesus a sibabaklay ti krusna.

No sumangbay dagiti bagyo ti panagbiag, mabalin a makunatayo no dadduma, “Pagayatan ti Dios daytoy.” Ipapaayna laeng dagiti maikari kadatayo gapu iti saan a nasayaat nga inar-aramidtayo. No ania ti immulam, isu met laeng ti aniem. No kastoy ti kapanunotantayo, nalaglag-an lang ti mangibaklay kadagiti rigattayo. Ngem kasano ngaruden no layusendatayo ti adu a problema idinto nga iti panagkunatayo, agbibiagtayo met nga addaan panagbuteng iti Dios ken panagraem iti padam a tao? Ania’t nagbalinan ti hustisya ti Dios?

Mabalin a no dadduma, ti pangrukodantayo no ay-ayatennatayo ti Dios wenno saan ket no nanam-aytayo wenno rigat la ti adda kadatayo. No nanam-ayka, pampanunotennaka ti Dios. No nakakaasi ti kasasaadmo, awan ti naganmo iti listaan ti Dios.

Ngem panagsagaba ti wagas ni Apo Dios tapno pabaroenna ti lubong, tapno sang-awanna ti lubong iti baro nga espiritu. Agpayso, addatayo ditoy lubong. Ngem saantayo a para iti lubong. Para kadatayo a mamati ken agtalek iti Dios, ti panagsagaba ti dalan nga agturong iti biag.

i. Ni Noah ken ti layus. Ti dakkel a layus ti wagas ti Dios tapno pabaroenna ti lubong.
ii. Ni Pedro maipanggep iti panagsagaba ni Apo Jesus
iii. Is. 55,8-9: "Ti panunotko saan a kas iti panunotyo, ket ti aramidko saan a kas kadagiti aramidyo. No kasano a nangatngato ti langit ngem ti daga, kasta met a nangatngato ti wagas ken panunotko ngen ti wagas ken panunotyo."

Saan a pagayatan ti Dios ti panagsagabatayo. Saan nga agragsak ti Dios a mangbuybuya kadatayo nga agsagsagaba. Numan pay kasta palubosanna daytoy tapno iti kasta mapakired ken mapauneg dagiti birtudestayo, nangnangruna ti panagitured ken panagibtur. Masursurotay pay ti mangaasi ti padatayo nga agrigrigat. No awan ti panagsagaba, saan nga adayo a malipantantay met nga ikkan ti importansya ti sumagmamano a banag, kas koma ti salun-at. No agsagaba ti maysa a tao, maipalagip kenkuana ti nakaayabanna, nga isu ti biag nga agnanayon (biag nga awan pagkuranganna). Ti lubong adda pagpatinggaanna, ket agdaldalyasattay laeng ditoy lubong. Silalagiptay ngad koma kadagiti ballaag ni Apo Jesus maipapan kadagiti kinabaknang ditoy lubong.

No adda sumangbay a pakatuokan, awatentay koma ngarud daytoy nga addaan pammati ken panagtalek iti Dios. “Dikay agdanag. Addaakto a kankanayon ta sibayyo.”

Babaen ti panagsagaba, babaen ti nasantoan a krus, insalakan ni Apo Jesus ti lubong. Ngarud, adda pateg ti panagsagaba. Adda ited a kinagasat dagiti pakarigatan ni biag. Dagiti nakapsut wenno awan ti talek ken pammatina iti Dios, dida maamiris daytoy. Uray ni Pedro, idi un-unana nakullaapan met dagiti matana iti daytoy a kinapudno. Iti gayam likudan ti krus ti pakasarakan ti biag. Saantay ngarud koma a mabuteng a mangsango kadagiti krus ti biag. Ni Apo Jesus a nagsagaba iti napalalo gapu kadatayo umaynatayo saranayen. (Fr. Tom)

Basic Orientation Seminar on Church Cultural Heritage


18 August, Monday

6:30 p.m. - Vespers

7:00 - Supper

7:45 - Opening Ceremonies

Opening Remarks: Bishop Sergio L. Utleg
Statement of Purpose

8:00 - 1st Discussion: Initial Perspectives on the Cultural Heritage of
the Church in the Diocese of Laoag: A PowerPoint Presentation (c/o Fr. Ericson Josue)

9:00 - Compline

19 August, Tuesday

6:45 a.m. - Lauds within Holy Mass. Presider and Homilist: Bishop Julito
B. Cortes. Bishop Cortes’ Opening Message will be incorporated in the homily.

7:45 - Breakfast

8:30 - 2nd Discussion: Heritage 101: The A.B.C. on the Cultural Heritage of the Church (Fr. Milán Ted D. Torralba)

9:45 - Open Forum

10:00 - Break

11:00 - 3rd Discussion: The Pastoral Function of the Ecclesiastical Archives in the life of the Church (Fr. Harold Rentoria, O.S.A., Head of the NCCA National Committee on Archives)

12:00 n. - Open Forum

12:20 p.m. - Lunch

2:45 - 4th Discussion: The Perspective of the National Museum of the Philippines on the Cultural Heritage of the Church (Ms. Corazon C. Alvina, Director of the National Museum of the Philippines )

3:30 - Open Forum

3:45 - Break

4:15 - 5th Discussion: The Perspective of the National Historical Institute on the Cultural Heritage of the Church (Prof. Ambeth Ocampo, Chair of the National Historical Institute)

5:00 - Open Forum

5:45 - Vespers. Thereafter can follow individual or group consultation
with the discussants/speakers

7:00 - Supper

20 August, Wednesday

6:45 a.m. - Lauds within Holy Mass. Presider and Homilist: Bishop Sergio L. Utleg

7:45 - Breakfast

8:45 - 6th Discussion: The Place and Function of Heritage Music in the Life of the Church (Prof. Alexandria I. Chua, Professor of Heritage Musicology, UST Conservatory of Music)

9:30 - Open Forum

9:45 - Break

10:15 - 7th Discussion: The Heritage Conservation Management Plan (Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo, Director of the UST Center for the Conservation of Cultural Properties and the Environment in the Tropics, & Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila)

11:00 - Open Forum

11:15 - Plenary Workshop: Next Steps

11:50 - Closing Ceremonies

Concluding Messages: Prof. Ocampo, Dir. Alvina, Bishop Utleg

12:15 p.m. - Midday Prayer

12:30 - Lunch



Most Rev. Julito B. Cortes, DD
Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu
Chairman, CBCP Episcopal Committee on Culture and Church Heritage

Rev. Fr. Milán Ted D. Torralba
Secretary of the Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines
Executive Secretary, CBCP Episcopal Committee on Culture and Church Heritage

Rev. Fr. Harold Rentoria, O.S.A.
Head of the NCCA National Committee on Archives

Ms. Corazon C. Alvina
Director of the National Museum of the Philippines

Prof. Ambeth Ocampo
Chair of the National Historical Institute

Prof. Alexandria I. Chua
Professor of Heritage Musicology, UST Conservatory of Music

Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo
Director, UST Center for the Conservation of Cultural Properties and the Environment in the Tropics
Director, Metropolitan Museum of Manila

Int'l Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples chairman Bishop Sergio Utleg delivers his speech during “A Forum to Celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” organized by the International Labour Organization at the RCBC Plaza in Ayala, Makati City on August 7. Utleg vowed for Church’s support to programs geared towards the protection and total development of IP communities.

Source: CBCPonline: News in Stills

Ti Maysa A Padi

Saanto a pulos maawanan ti lubong kadagiti tattao a pagragsakanda ti mangirurumen kadagiti papadi. No ti maysa a padi maitibkol ket maitublak, layusenda kadagiti pammabain ken dunorenda babaen ti panangang-angawda. Pagsiglatan ken paggugusto dagiti dadduma ti mangbirok kadagiti bambanag a makapasakit kenkuana. Adda pay dagitay saan nga agpangadua a mangpardaya kenkuana. Pagsasaritaanda dagiti sanikuana wenno dagiti bambanag a naipundarna, ket kunada a gamrud wenno agruprupat’ kuarta, numan pay masansan nga awan met nakappapati a mangpaneknek iti saoda, ket dida pay ipaay kenkuana tay maysa kadagiti kangrunaan a kalinteganna, ti kalintegan a mangdependar ti bagina kadagiti ibatbatoda a pammabasol kenkuana.

Ni Apo Padi saan a maysa nga anghel. Saan met a maysa a superhero. Tao laeng kas kadakayo. Adda dagiti pagriroanna, adda dagiti pagkapsutanna, ket no dadduma, maitikleb gapu iti kinarasina a kas tao. Ngem no iti tengnga iti rabii, no naimasen ti turog ti amin, adda awag a masapul a malanaan ti maysa a kabsat a masakit ken maisagana iti isasaklangna iti Dios a Namarsua, saanto nga agtaktak a mangpanaw tay naimeng ken natalged a silidna iti kumbento tapno idawdawatanna ken liwliwaenna dayta a kabsat, saan met a mapalakpakan. No agballasiw ti karayan, magna iti minilmilya, irisgona ti bagina iti nadumaduma a pagpeggadan tapno masarungkaranna dagiti tattao ti Dios ken maurnongna a mangrambak iti Nasantoan a Eukaristia, awan met maawatna a pammadayaw. No aramidenna ti kabaelanna tapno maiwanwanna a nasayaat ti eskuela, saan met a maukkoran iti medalya wenno maiyawatan ti tropeo ken plake. Ngem numan pay kasta, saan a birbiroken ni Apo Padi ti pannakaitan-okna ditoy rabaw ti daga.

Ni Apo Padi annugotenna ti saanna koma a pannakaikari nga agserbi iti Dios a kas padi ta nalawag kenkuana ken aklonenna ti kinakurapayna, ti kinababana, ti kinakapuyna, ti kinamanagbasolna. Ngem gapu iti ayat ken kaasina kadagiti tattaona, ti Dios mangawag kadagiti lallaki nga agserbi iti pannakaituloy ti makaisalakan a mision ni Apo Jesus a Cristo. Ngarud, ni Apo Padi napili nga agserbi iti Dios iti naisangsangayan a wagas, naisangsangayan isuna a sanikua ti Dios ken nasantoan a kalasugan ti parabur ken ayat ti Dios ditoy lubong.

Iti panagserbi ni Apo Padi, adu dagiti tinallikudan ken insukona. Insukona ti wayawayana a mangbangon ti bukodna a pamilya tapno siwawayayawaya nga agbalin a kameng dagiti adu a pamilya. Tinallikudanna ti tarigagayna nga agbalin nga ama ti pagtaengan tapno isu ti tumakder nga ama dagiti annak ti Dios. No dagiti dadduma, mapadasan ken mariknada ti ganas ken rigat ti mangisakad ti panagadal dagiti annakda, ni Apo Padi saan. No dagiti dadduma, adda dagiti asawa ken annakda nga agur-uray kadakuada iti panagawidda ken mangpukaw ti bannogda, ni Apo Padi awan. Ngem iti laksid dagitoy, naragsak latta ni Apo Padi.

Ngem apay ngata a no ni Apo Padi ti agriro wenno agkamali, narigat dagiti tattao nga awaten ken pakawanen isuna? No dadduma, di pay ketdi ammon ni Apo Padi ti pagtaktakderanna:

No nasapa a sumangpet Ni Apo Padi kadagiti dar-ayanna wenno adda iti husto nga oras no mangmisa ket maladaw dagiti tattao, kunada: “Insapana tay relona.” No met iladladawna, kunada a dina ammo ti orasna.

No atiddog ti sermonna, kunada a makabannog ti agdengngeg kenkuana. Ngem no iyab-ababana, kunada met a saan a nakasagana.

No dagiti adda kayana ti masansan a kadduana, kunada nga elitista isuna. Ngem no met asideg isuna kadagiti simple a tattao, kunada a kagurana dagiti babaknang.

No babbai laeng ti kadkadduana, kunada: “Babaero.” No met lallaki ti ad-adda a kakuykuyogna, kunada: “Tukkol.”

No adda baro a luganna, kunada a sabsabali ti prioridadna. Ngem no met awan ti luganna wenno saan a makaay-ayo ti manmanehoenna, kunada a masapulen a masuktan ti luganna.

No agsao maipanggep ti politika ket tubngarenna dagiti dakes nga aramid dagiti politico, kunada a makisawsawsaw; agkararag laeng ti trabahona. Ngem no met saan nga agsao, kunada nga awan bibiangna wenno umel.

No ruar a ruar ti kumbento, kunada a walay. Ngem no met saan a rumrummuar, kunada a dina ammo ti makibagay ken makidanggay.

No maimasanna ti mangan, kunada a lam-og. Ngem no met bassit ti kanenna, kunada a napili unay.

No ubing ti maysa a padi, kunada: “Bassit pay ti ammona.” Ngem no lakayen ti maysa a padi, kuna dagiti tattao: “Masapulnan ti aginana. Daanen ti ammona. Awanen ti baelna.”

Daytoy ti biag ti maysa a padi. Addanto latta dagiti nalalaing ngem isuna. Ngem no pumanaw wenno matay, awan met ti mabalin a sumukat kenkuana.

Saan a ti naimbag a kinatao wenno aramid ti maysa a padi ti mamagbalin kenkuana a padi. Ti aramid ti Dios ti mamagbalin kenkuana a padi. Ti kinapadi ngarud ket maysa a sagut. Ngem daytoy saan laeng a sagut ti Dios iti padi, no di ket ti kinapadi ti maysa a padi ket sagut ti Dios kadagiti tattao.

Wen, kas iti amin, managbasol met ni Apo Padi. Iti laksid daytoy a kinapudno, maibaon isuna a mangikasaba iti naimbag a damag, saan a gapu ta nangatngato isuna ngem dagiti dadduma ngem gapu ta binilin ni Cristo a Kangatoan a Padi.

Ayaten ken ipategyo dagiti papadi ta uray makapurar dagiti biddutda, naimaldit ket bagbagkatenda a kankanayon ken iti unos ti panagbiagda ti marka ni Cristo a Naimbag a Pastor.

Kakabsat, agyamankami kadagiti amin nga imbagyo kadakami a papadiyo. Dawatenmi ti panangawat ken panangpakawanyo kadakami kadagiti gundaway nga agkurangkami kadakayo. Ipangrunami man a kiddawen ti panangikarkararagyo kadakami ta agbalinkami koma a naanep ken napudno iti panagserbimi iti Dios ken kadagiti tattaona. (Inurnos ni Fr. Tom)

A Priest is a "Superman", an Image of Christ the God-Man

Bishop Utleg delivered this homily during a priestly ordination which he officiated in 2002. He shares this reflection with both clergy and lay faithful on the occasion of the feastday of priests.

What kind of priest does the Church, or our Diocese, needs today? If you listen to what everybody says it seems that people want no less than a superman to be their priest. To satisfy every demand from everybody, the priest must be

An Intellectual: one who is updated not only in theology and philosophy, but also in psychology and sociology. He must be able to answer any question thrown at him, and speak with authority on almost any topic.

An outstanding Preacher. He must know how to hold the attention of his audience, tell funny and meaningful stories, able to make his audience laugh and cry.

A Finance Wizard and Fund Raiser. He will be asked to build churches and rectories, find financing for his schools and catechists and pastoral programs.

A CPA, a good Accountant. The parish council and the bishop will ask him to make a financial statement and make an accounting of all the income and expenses of his parish.

A brilliant Organizer. The out-of-school youth, the young professionals, the farmers, the vendors, even the senior citizens will ask him to organize them and give them something to do. He must organize the Parish Council, WEST commissions, barangay pastoral councils, etc. Not only that, he must also know how to direct the traffic for all the religious organizations and movements in the parish so that their activities will not overlap and they will not quarrel with one another.

A sympathetic Guidance Counsellor. Many people will come with their problems and he has to be understanding, encouraging, give good advice, and avoid being emotionally involved with the counselee especially if she is lonely and beautiful.

A good Singer and Actor, or even a DI. There will be programs and social gatherings the priest must attend and he will be asked to sing or dance. The youth want to present something and will ask the priest to direct their play.

An Engineer and Architect. The parishioners are not contented with the sanctuary and they want the priest to put in there something beautiful. The roof leaks and there is no money to consult an engineer and so the priest does it himself.

And many others: mechanic, car driver, gardener, landscaper, artist, organist, composer, computer expert, basketball player, athlete, electrician, paramedic, legal expert, philanthropist, etc. But most of all he must be

A tireless Worker – one who will say Mass in three barrios on Sunday, visit all 30 barangays at least once a month, conduct prex every other week, meet the religious organizations every Saturday, join a prayer group every Thursday, be available when the bishop needs him, and he is not allowed to get tired or sick.

Before you start hesitating and doubting whether you [the ordinandus] will proceed with the ordination or not, let me assure you: what people really want of their priest is not what you can do, but what you are, and what they (and God, the Church, the Christian Community) want you to be is just to be a holy priest. And whether you can be holy is something you should not worry about.

You cannot do everything that I mentioned above, and are not expected to. Nobody can have all the talents to be all those. But to be holy is not a talent, but an attitude and a desire. You can be holy if you want to be holy.

What is the kind of holiness asked of a priest? Since he is another Christ, his holiness is also patterned after that of Christ. After the miraculous catch of fish Peter said to Jesus: depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man. Christ exhudes holiness. The priest reflects the holiness of Christ. As Christ was, so the priest must also be (have)

1. A man of prayer. Christ withdrew from the crowds, went to the desert alone to commune with the Father. The priest also reserves certain moments of the day doing nothing but praying – not reading, not preparing his homily, not working, not saying Mass, but simply communing with God, telling him how much you love him, how tired you are, etc.

2. Simplicity. There was nothing complicated or extravagant about Jesus. His needs were down to the minimum, with not even a pillow to rest his head, but he did not become less human because of that. The priest lives a simple life-style. He is not cheap, but he knows the difference between necessity and extravagance, between what is luxurious and what is necessary for him to do his work and be healthy.

3. Single-mindedness. Christ never deviated from what the Father sent him into the world to do. My food, says Christ, is to do the will of Him who sent me. And His will is: to establish God’s reign here on earth. The priest knows why he is a priest. He has made the decision and in everything he does he is aware of his mission. And nothing – not worldly ambitions, not beautiful girls, not the tempting joys of family life, can distract him from it.

4. Humility. Though he was God, Christ took the form of a human being and became a slave or servant of all. The priest is humble because he knows and accepts the truth. He is grateful for God’s gifts, but he is also aware of his limitations. He knows, no matter how old or how high-placed he is, that he still has so much to learn. So he gladly listens to feedbacks and accepts advise from his fellow priests and parishioners, and of course submits willingly to the bishop. He also happily and readily shares honors and responsibilities with others.

5. Compassion for the poor. Christ definitely spent more time with the poor than with the rich and did most of his miracles in their behalf. All the saints, if we examine their lives, were all outstanding in their love for the poor. What would be the connection between being a saint and having compassion for the poor? It is simple: if holiness consists in being close to Christ, then it is natural that we are close to the poor with whom Christ chose to identify himself on earth. “Whatever you did….”

Perhaps you have noticed that the second, third and fourth marks of the holiness of Christ are similar to the so-called evangelical vows: simplicity for poverty, single-mindedness for celibacy and humility for obedience. This is true. The holiness of the priest comes from his faithfulness to his vows, plus prayerfulness and compassion for the poor.

You are not expected to be a superman but you are expected to be holy. What is the difference between the two? Superman is a figment of the imagination. He exists only in the movies and the comic books but not in reality. Holiness is a reality. Christ, the ultimate source of holiness, is present in the Church and that is why the Church is holy, although always in need of renewal. All of us, as members of the Church, are called to holiness. And this call to holiness is especially directed to the priest, the alter Christus – the image of Christ in the world.

The Chronos for AUGUST 2008

1: Friday: St. Alphonsus de Ligouri, Bishop and Doctor. WHITE.

Feastday of the Redemptorists. Priests are invited to dinner at St. Gerard Mission Center, Brgy. 53 Rioeng, Laoag City.

Bishop Schedule:
The Bishop is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for the Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples meeting.

Commission on Catechesis:
Continuation of STLCI; Coordinators' Meeting, SAJPC, 8:00 a.m.

2: Saturday: 17th Week, Ordinary Time, GREEN, or m of St. Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop, WHITE, or m. of St. Peter Julian Eymard, Priest. WHITE, or m of BVM on Sat., WHITE.

Start of the Novena and Masses in preparation for the Feast of St. Clare at the Monasterio de Santa Clara, Mangato, Laoag City.


Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop officiates mass at St. Nicholas Parish, San Nicolas.

4: Monday: St. John Baptiste Marie Vianney, Priest. WHITE.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Rodolfo R. Nicolas (Birthday)

5: Tuesday: 18th Week, Ordinary Time, Green, or m of the Dedication of St. Mary Major in Rome. WHITE.

Vicarial Meetings:
Central Vicariate - DWCL
Southern Vicariate - St. Mary's Seminary (Lunch at DWCL)
Eastern Vicariate - Solsona
Northern Vicariate -

Rev. James Risse, SVD (2007)

The Clergy are invited for lunch at DWCL in commemmoration of the first death anniversary of Fr. Jim.

6: Wednesday: Feast of Transfiguration of the Lord. WHITE.

7: Thursday: 18th Week, Ordinary Time, Green, or m of St. Sixtus, pope and Companions, martyrs, Red or m of St. Cajetan, priest, WHITE.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Jaime B. Jose (Birthday, 1975)

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop meets with the PPC and PFC officers of Sta. Rosa Parish, Sarrat.

8: Friday: St. Dominic, Priest. WHITE.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop celebrates mass with DAR beneficiaries.

9: Saturday: 18th Week, Ordinary Time, GREEN, or m of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), Virgin and Martyr, RED or m of BVM on Sat., WHITE.

Patronal Fiesta:
St. Lawrence the Deacon Parish, Bangui. Concelebrated mass at 9:00 a.m. RED.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop presides over the Eucharistic celebration in Bangui.


Feastday of Priests. Please pray for your priests.

Special Collection in all Sunday Masses and the Saturday evening Masses is to be made for the on-going formation of the clergy.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop joins the Family Day at St. Mary's Seminary.

11: Monday: St. Clare of Assisi, Virgin. WHITE.

Capuchin Monastery:
Feastday of the Clarissas Capuchinas Sacramentarias. Concelebrated mass at 8:00 a.m. at the monastery.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop presides over the mass at the monasterio de Santa Clara, Mangato, Laoag City.

12: Tuesday: 19th Week, Ordinary Time, GREEN, or m of St. Frances de Chantal, religious, WHITE.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop attends the MCST Golden Anniversary (12-14).

13: Wednesday: 19th Week, Ordinary Time, GREEN, or m of St. Pontian, pope and martyr, and St. Hippolytus, martyr and priest, RED.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Augusto T. Acob (Birthday)

14: Thursday: St. Maximillian Kolbe, priest and martyr. RED.


16: Saturday: San Roque, Healer. WHITE.

Patronal Fiesta:
St. Roche Parish, Banna. Concelebrated mass, 9.00 a.m.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop presides over the mass in Banna.


18: Monday: 20th Week, Ordinary Time. GREEN.

Convocation Seminar of the Clergy on Cultural Heritage at Playa Tropical, Currimao, August 18-20. Click to see the schedule. Click to go to the venue.

19: Tuesday: 20th Week, Ordinary Time. GREEN, or m of St. John Eudes, priest. WHITE.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Denny Lucas, SVD (Birthday)

20: Wednesday: St. Bernard, abbot and doctor. WHITE.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Domingo Ll. Albano (Birthday)

21: Thursday: St. Pius X, pope. WHITE.

22: Friday: Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. WHITE.

Carmel Monastery:
Diamond Jubilee of Sr. Purificacion de Jesus, OCD.

23: Saturday: St. Rose of Lima, Virgin, Secondary Patroness of the Philippines. WHITE.

Patronal Fiesta:
Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish, Sarrat. Concelebrated mass at 9:00 a.m.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop presides over the mass in Sta. Rosa.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Ronnie Julien P. Pillos (Priestly Ordination Anniversary, 1998)


Let us pray for:
Rev. Jose Vernon C. Ilano (Priestly Ordination Anniversary, 1998)

25: Monday: 21st Week, Ordinary Time, GREEN or m of St. Louis, king, WHITE, or m of St. Joseph Calasanz, priest, WHITE.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Lester T. Menor (Priestly Ordination Anniversary, 1998)

26: Tuesday: 21st Week, Ordinary Time. GREEN.

Board of Consultors Meeting.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Ronald I. Bonoyon (Priestly Ordination Anniversary, 1998)

27: Wednesday: St. Monica, married woman. WHITE.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop is in Manila for the ECIP-NCIP.

Let us pray for:
Rev. Philip Anthony R. Dimagiba (Priestly Ordination Anniversary, 1998)

28: Thursday: St. Augustine, bishop and doctor. WHITE.

Rev. Florante B. Rigonan (2007)

Bishop Schedule:
The Bishop celebrates mass in Pinili in commemmoration of the first death anniversary of Fr. Flor.

29: Friday: Beheading of St. John the Baptist, martyr. RED.

30: Saturday: 21st Week, Ordinary Time. GREEN, or m of BVM on Sat., WHITE.

Bishop's Schedule:
The Bishop officiates mass on the occasion of the anniversary of the Couples for Christ.


Photographs on the wall

(Today is the Feast of St. John Marie Vianney, the patron of priests especially those working in the parishes. Please pray for all priests. Ask God, who called them to the ministry, to increase their wisdom, love and compassion for His people whom they serve. Read the following and have a glimpse of what goes on inside the heart of a priest.)

As the secretary of the Priests’ Assembly of the diocese, I went to the bishop’s residence to have the minutes of the last meeting photocopied. Passing by the dining room, I took glimpses, as I usually do every time my feet take me there, of the laminated pictures of our venerable priests who, we pray, are already enjoying the beatific vision. Under their names are written the date of their ordination and the date of their earthly departure. And I was drawn to the invisible reality between those dates, an unwritten history - that which really matters. Going back to the car, I could hardly shake myself from these thoughts.

These great men, whose memory is perpetuated in those pictures, exude an air like they had never seen years of discontent. What could have their years been like? How am I to see those hidden years? The days of glory are come, but I am drawn to the days leading to the laurels. For to me, what matters is not so much what challenges laid on their way as how they responded to those challenges. And I can see their chasubles yellowed with overuse, the stoles gradually losing their colors, their chalices enduring the elements, their breviaries worn and torn. I can hear their strong words to parishioners who force their devious thoughts and opinions, and yet I can also hear their hearts throbbing with compassion. I can hear the sound of their vehicles braving mud in the barrios. Cups of coffee, perhaps a few sticks of cigarette, alerted them at their tables as they prepared their sermons, conferences and other talks in the late of night. The dining tables might have given up on them several times. Some ingrates might have pierced their ears and caused them pain. Others might have been indifferent to their labors and blind to and perhaps even frowned upon their sacrifices. But through all this, they remained faithful. And then there I was standing before their photographs on the wall. I get to ask myself: will people be enriched by my own years in between?

This is only my first sacerdotal anniversary. The words of the Lord, “Feed my sheep,” encapsulated the vision of my life as priest. As I celebrate my first year anniversary as a priest, I feel summoned to confront myself in regard to my priestly motto. Have I concretely been a shepherd after the heart of the Lord? How close have I approximated the Lord’s model? Have I been a compassionate priest? Could have I shooed some sheep away instead of leading them into the stalls? I realize I need to forgive myself.

But remembering that great day when I solemnly said ‘yes’ to the Lord, uplifts me as well. That special memory has a mysterious way of building up my spirit. It renews and reenergizes. It further gears me up for the ministry. I won’t enumerate the very little things I have done thus far. Or have I done anything? But I hope to make each day of my priestly life count.

It’s amazing how the dead can still instruct the living about living, and how dead priests continue to teach and edify me in my own ministry. The time will come when my photograph, too, will hang on that cold wall near the dining room of the bishop’s residence. May my priestly passion never die while I live. (Fr. Tom, November 2004)

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