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The CHRONOS: Monthly Diocesan Schedule for FEBRUARY 2009

July 26: Laoag's foundation anniversary and St. Anne Parish fiesta

Today, the Diocese of Laoag celebrates her 48th birthday. Today, too, is the launching of activities in commemoration of the diocese's golden anniversary in 2011.

Let us pray for our diocese. Let us pray for the increase of faith and the deepening of love and commitment to God and the Church.

Happy fiesta to the Piddiguenos!

Click here to read CBCP news on the launching.

July 25: Fiesta greetings!

Today is the feast of St. James the Greater.

Happy fiesta to our brothers and sisters in Solsona and Pasuquin!

Cadaratan Church: A Miracle in Progress

Cadaratan Church: A Miracle in Progress

The Dream Church of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Cadaratan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

The Dream Church of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Cadaratan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Foundation for the church-construction project in Cadaratan, Bacarra put up!

The construction of the OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH CHURCH started anew, September 8, the birthday of Mama Mary. Very crucial in this project is the financial consideration being tacked by the whole parish community. To address this concern, we, the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, together with our newly-appointed parish priest, Rev. Leonardo L. Ruiz, planned to put up a FOUNDATION for the continuation and completion of the construction of the parish church.

The Foundation is chaired by our beloved Bishop, Most Rev. Sergio L. Utleg, D.D. and the members of the Board include Victor R. Bolosan, M.D., Rosalina R. Javier, Flordelina T. Cadelina, Eugenia M. Mendoza, Emilia B. Agonoy and Dante Subia, all from Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

Registration of the Foundation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is under way.

Architects and Engineer: Arch. Coleen Cajigal and Arch. Joemar Bolosan, Engr. Eduardo Cid.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED. For those who wish to send their donations directly through the bank, this is our bank: PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK, Batac Branch, Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. DOLLAR ACCOUNT NUMBER: 158881300038; Account Name, Most Rev. Sergio L. Utleg, D.D., Victor R. Bolosan, M.D. and Flordelina T. Cadelina. PESO CHECKING ACCOUNT: 158881300020, with the same above-mentioned account name.

The Happy Priests

The Happy Priests
The clergy during their annual retreat with Bp. Mylo Vergara of the Diocese of San Jose, Nueva Ecija as retreat master at Betania Retreat House in Baguio City, November 10-13




For financial assistance or donations in-kind, please contact the Bishop or the Curia at (077)770-5210, or Fr. Lorenzo Torreflores (Baresbes, Dingras) at 0917-5701085, Fr. Danny Devaras (Carasi) at 0920-5537806, Fr. Lester Menor (Davila, Pasuquin) at 0915-7879701, Fr. Leo Ruiz (Cadaratan, Bacarra) at (077)670-3801, and Fr. Anthony Dimagiba (Sta. Rosa, Sarrat) at (077)782-2031, Fr. Antonio Calautit, SVD (Pancian, Pagudpud) at 0918-5228902.

Listen to DZEA-CMN Radio Totoo, 909 khz!

Pray for your priests. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs.

Pray for your priests. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs.
The clergy of Laoag with the lone cardinal of Thailand and the bishop of Changmai

Local Church Still Seeking Justice For Murdered Priest A Year After Killing

September 1, 2008, LAOAG CITY, Philippines (UCAN) -- A streamer demanding "Justice for Father Rigonan!" still hangs at the gate of the slain priest's parish in the northern Philippines, a year after he was killed.

The slaying of Father Florante Rigonan remains unsolved largely because the police are "not doing what they are supposed to do," Bishop Sergio Utleg of Laoag told UCA News on Aug. 28. Father Rigonan headed the diocese's St. Isidore Labrador Parish in Pinili town.

In the bishop's view, investigators "lack motivation" to solve the year-old murder case. "More effort" should be exerted to pursue the investigation, he said, so justice will prevail not for Father Rigonan, who is "already resting," but for the sake of the people he left behind.

"Peace" will not be achieved in Ilocos Norte with an "inefficient justice system," the prelate added. Laoag City, the provincial capital, lies 340 kilometers north of Manila.

Father Rigonan died on the spot on August 28, 2007, when gunmen shot him in the head and other parts of the body after he said Mass at the house of Florencio and Elisea Macalma in Puritac, Pinili, about 30 kilometers south of Laoag City.

Parishioners, friends and relatives of Father Rigonan gathered at the parish church this Aug. 28 for a Mass Bishop Utleg led with Pinili parish priest Father Richard Blas-Antonio concelebrating.

Parishioner Nita Antonio, who attended the Mass, is "still shocked" that "God's instrument for people's salvation" was killed. The 48-year-old church worker told UCA News she also feels sad that justice has not been served.

Days after the murder, Philippine National Police (PNP) regional director Chief Superintendent Leopoldo Bataoil created Task Force Rigonan to speed up investigation of the crime. Its membership was drawn from the PNP Crime Investigation and Detection Group, the Crime Laboratory, the Regional PNP Intelligence Group and local police.

Based on witnesses' testimony, the task force recommended in September 2007 that the provincial Prosecutor's Office file murder charges against Liwliwa and Lyndia Macalma, Elisea's nieces.

However, a court case has not been filed because the testimony and evidence submitted were "purely circumstantial" and "not enough," provincial prosecutor Bernardo Agdigos told UCA News on the day of the anniversary Mass.

Father Rigonan's case is "pending investigation" by the PNP, Agdigos said at the Ilocos Norte Marcos Hall of Justice in Laoag City. He explained the prosecutor's office is waiting for the PNP to submit "any additional evidence" that would "directly pinpoint" suspects in the priest's killing.

The prosecutor reported that witness testimony submitted by Task Force Rigonan last year and other evidence were returned due to "insufficiency to establish probable cause."

Witnesses included Father Rigonan's sister, Eva, and Elisea Macalma.

In her sworn statement, Eva reported her brother had received death threats from Liwliwa and Lyndia, who were allegedly jealous of the 5-million-peso donation Florencio and Elisea gave the priest for the construction of the St. Isidore Labrador Parish church. At that time, the donation was equal to about US$108,000.

Meanwhile, Elisea's affidavit says Liwliwa also appeared to have resented the fact that Elisea and her husband Florencio took Father Rigonan with them to the United States and paid for his airfare.

Ilocos Norte has a "good crime solution efficiency percentage," a PNP official told UCA News on condition of anonymity. Only 14 of 59 cases of murder, homicide, physical injury, rape and robbery registered in the province between April and June 2008 have not yet been solved, the provincial website reports.

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